Sunday, November 30, 2008

Israel in 1951

A friend sent me the link to a great old film, now available for watching on the internet. An Air France promotional about Israel in 1951, it is a terrific piece of history and fascinating to watch.
Bear in mind that Israel was only three years old at that time. Imagine how much effort was being put out to make the desert bloom and water flow.

Israel Movie 1951

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Support for Israel

Christian Praise Center in Canton, GA had a support Israel night last Sunday. We provided Praise and Worship music and listened to Jan Willem deliver a fiery message on support for Israel by America.
Americans are blind to the predicament of the Israelis for the most part. Pres. Bush encouraged Israel to give "back" land to the Palestinians that should never have been abandoned. What did Israel achieve by doing this? Nothing but allowing terrorists to get a bigger piece of the pie while they shoot rockets into the Israeli cities.
Many want Israel to give up more land. We can pray that Bebe Netanyahoo will again be elected as he will not allow that to happen. The Christians of the world need to unite behind God's homeland, the apple of His eye and His Jewish people! We are all ECHAD in Yeshua!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ministry dinner with Jan Willem

Lillie Rose Ministries hosted a wonderful dinner at the home of Rev. Porter.
The dinner was to honor Jan Willem Vander Hoeven of ICZC who is here in the US to speak at a number of congregations, and to surprise his son and daughter in law with a vist.
He spoke at the dinner regarding the possible future lack of support or "falling away" of America for Israel, leaving that little nation adrift in the midst of a firestorm.
He prays that many of the 80-100 million bible believing Christians around the world will step in to support Israel, and defend the taking away of her land in exchange for false peace.
Lands previously given "back" are host to terrorism which is too close to be tolerated.
His goal is to help this along by training up warriors who are also worshippers. Sounds like King David!

I had the honor of providing praise and worshp music for the many guests representing many ministries.
It was a great evening albeit one that often brought a tear to the eyes of those in attendance.
Also the wonderfully sweet violin of Paul Johnian added to the worshipful atmosphere.

We heard the plans for next year's October 2009 Feast of Tabernacles, which will be an awesome one. Check Jan Willem's web site for information on this great event, and his ideas for a march from end to end in the land.