Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rev. Fritz Porter on TBN this coming Tuesday!

Be sure to tune your TV to see Rev Porter on TBN
Hosting TBN Jan 4! PERRY STONE
DATE: January 4, 2011

AIR TIME: 10:00-12:00 PM EST

TBN Television Network
SPECIAL GUEST: Rev. Frieda "Fritz" Porter.

We would like to invite you to tune in next Tuesday, January 4 to join Perry Stone as he hosts PRAISE THE LORD on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) from 10:00-12:00 pm

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Praise Him at this time and every time!

At our men's breakfast Sunday, we were doing Praise reports. One member stood up at his turn, raised his arms wide and sang words out like "Glory to the Lord" and such, as loudly as he could. A strong voice so it was a bit of a surprise until ...
Then, he proceeded to tell us how he was held up at gunpoint in a neighborhood subdivision on Nov 15, quite late in the evening, while taking his granddaughter's friend home.
The robber wanted to take him around " back of the house" after he had already given up his money, wallet, watch, car keys, etc.
Our man heard the voice of an Angel clearly telling him not to go anywhere,and he knew his death was imminent.
He proceeded to shout out to the Lord in prayer, all the while the 38 was pointed at his head.
Then the robber just RAN OFF!
So much is the power of the Lord ! Hallelujah.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Do Messianic Jews celebrate Christmas?

Messianic Jews celebrate all the traditional and Biblical holidays and festivals. So in general terms, we do not celebrate Christmas and Easter. Though of course we acknowledge the birth and resurrection of Messiah, there is no mention in the Scriptures of commanding us to celebrate the dates.
Apparently none of the earliest believers, either Jewish or Gentile celebrated these days either. Also the time of birth of Messiah Yeshua in the scripture the description leads one to believe it was not in what we call December.
We are not against the celebration however! But we do not have Christmas trees or Easter services, although many synagogues have a Resurrection service yearly on the festival of First Fruits, but not on Easter Sunday as that date was actually added to celebration by Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Chanukah - Hanukkah - Hanukah

However you spell it ---- it is the Festival of Lights!
Celebrating the miracle of the oil that burned far longer than it ever should have in the eternal lamp that shines over the Ark. 8 Days not just 1.

This holiday also reminds us of the eternal light of Yeshua who continues to light your path, even when you are not exactly doing what you are supposed to do.
The Grace extended to you helps to get your life back on track and is like a light in the dark forest.
May His Light Shine on You!