Sunday, March 29, 2009

Charlotte NC

Atlanta Prophecy Conference team traveled to Charlotte NC for a Saturday afternoon event.
Rev Porter and Pastor Shuerman spoke and I led worship and praise with Walt the Shofarist extraordinaire blasting out on his multiple shofars.
The attendance was limited by other events and the nasty rainy weather, but those that attended were blessed and feasted on some great teaching and a strong anointed afternoon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"What Really Happened"

This is a link to a very well put together slide show on the History of Israel and terrorism. Worth watching, even though many of us know these facts.
Video on Israel and the Jews

this is from the Terrorism Awareness Project web site.

And : This link is to a fair and well written article on Messianic Jews in Israel. It is one of the few truly accurate articles I have seen and presents a good picture of what is going on there for the 100 or so Messianic congregations. Kudos to the author for his work here.
Messianic Judaism in Israel

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hag Purim

Purim the holiday that celebrates the triumph of Ester and Mordecai for the Jewish people over a ruthless King and his dangerous henchman Haman is this week. We celebrate with costume parties, music and dance and of course food. The hamantashen or three pointed filled cookie, which is styled after the three pointed hat of Haman is a treat special to this holiday.
At CBH we will host a Purim party for all to attend Tuesday March 10 starting at 6PM with Israeli type dinner available. Should be fun for all!
Our next service that we provide worship music for is Saturday March 14 at 11 am.