Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After Life

I have heard people say that the after-life is a Christian concept. How untrue. Here is a quote from a Chabad ( Orthodox Jewish) web post.

"The conception of an after-life is fundamental to the Jewish religion; it is an article of faith in the Jews' creed. The denial of the after-life constitutes a denial of the cornerstone of the faith. This concept is not merely an added detail that may lose its significance in some advanced age. It is an essential and enduring principle.
Indeed, the Mishnah (Sanhedrin X, 1) expressly excludes from the reward of the "world beyond" he who holds that the resurrection of the dead is without biblical warrant. Maimonides considers this belief one of the 13 basic truths which every Jew is commanded to hold."

So true for Messianic Jews of course, who believe we will one day dwell with Messiah in HIS Kingdom. Hallelujah.

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