Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Joy of the Torah

Simchat Torah-- the joy of the Law. We celebrated with song, dance and praise. The three Torahs passed from one joyous dancing man to another dancing man...Why do we celebrate receiving the gift of the Torah from G-d? Because it is constant, consistent and has been ours to savor and learn from for thousands of years, virtually unchanged.
This time of the year on the Jewish calendar, we roll the Torah back to the start, and begin to read again from Genesis.
You can learn something new every day of your life by digging in to the Word.

This coming weekend we celebrate a Bat Mitzvah ...that if a girl who recently lost her young mother. Our mischpucha has pulled together to assist in making this event extra special for the girl, who might not have been able to have this at all were it not for the families who pray together at our congregation.

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