Friday, February 5, 2010

Memorial for a friend- Tony Ingram

A few of the former ATLANTA band members that were able to be there, along with crew members, and about 400 other people attended the memorial service for Tony Ingram, our friend, fiddle player, singer and drummer.

Tony had been a music minister these past years, and a leader in a ministry for men with assorted problems, needing to find THE WAY out.
He touched the lives of so many it was hard to get them all in the big room.
He has a son in his twenties, and two quite young children from his more recent marriage.
It was a sad day for all of us knowing the reunion of this band if ever, will be a tribute and fund raiser if it happens at all.
But the message we all got from the speakers and musicians there was one of hope and the sincere belief in something much greater than all of us.
It was a good thing to hear how this once wild young biker and musician guy turned into what was called a "finisher"...someone who starts out on the wrong path but finishes strong.

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keith said...

I was just listening to the Blue side of the Gray. Sorry for your loss. I still hope to see the band play again.