Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Israel's Independence Day

Yesterday on the Hebrew Calendar marked the anniversary of Israel's statehood.
A day of extreme importance for anyone who believes G-d's word.
The restoration of Israel is so significant in history it is somewhat mind boggling. A country gone from the planet for so many years, people dispoersed throughout the world by tyrants, and after the horrible years of holocaust it rises from the ashes!
When you visit there and see what has been accomplished in what had been a barren and dry land, is awe inspiring.

The impact that Israel has on the world, when it is more or less a "pea" sized nation, shows the power of the Lord in the "apple of his eye".
Much to celebrate in this anniversary, but also much to cautiously be concerned about.

We celebrated with the wonderful violin music of Maurice Sklar...a highly skilled Jewish player, who brought the music of Israel and our Jewish people to Beth Hallel.
The concert was opened with prayer and a Shofar blast. Another great event, following the incredible turn out last week for Yom Hashoa.

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