Sunday, September 19, 2010

HIgh Holidays

The Days of Awe ended with an awesome day! A usually beautiful day with a packed house for 11 am Yom Kippur aservices, followed by Yizkor, then a three hour praise and worship service, closed out with the final hours of services to " close the door" and await the sounding of the final 30 shofar blasts.
The beautiful 20 second blast closed the day, prior to a "break the fast" meal that was fabulous.

Many spent the day in deep worship and praise while being mindful of the sinful nature they had shown over the past year...and the prayers of forgiveness rang thru the whole day.
It was a great holiday this year, with 15 ir more salvations and a very attentive and worshipful crowd.

No on to Succot!

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